Jharkhand has large deposits of minerals. 40% of the total minerals of the country are available in the state. The state is the sole producer of cooking coal, Uranium and Pyrite. It ranks first in the production of coal, mica, Kyanite and copper in India. The geological exploration and exploitation of gold, silver, base metals precious stones etc. are the potential areas of futures.`


Large reserves of numerous other minerals like ...


Minerals Quantum
Location/ Uses
Apatite 3070
Singhbhum/ Mineral Fertilizers,
Gem stones

Asbestos 40 Roroburu, Singhbhum/ Pipes, Sheets,
Gloves, Ropes
Barytes 15 Singhbhum/ Hydrated Alumina
Bauxite 68135 Palamu,Ranchi,Gumla,Lohardaga/
Alum,Aluminium,Refractory industry,Imery
China clay 45930 Lohardaga,Ranchi,Dumka,sahibganj,
Singhbhum/ Crockery,glass
Chromite 334 Singhbhum/ Chrome magnesite refractory
Coal 6208485 Jharia,Bokaro,Karanpura,Hutur,Auranga,
Daltonganj,Deoghar,Rajmahal Coal Fields
Cobalt(m.t) 9.00 Singhbhum/ Extraction of Cobalt Oxide
Copper Ore 108690 Singhbhum,Giridih/ Copper
Dolomite 29864 Palamu,Garhwa/ Cements,Magnesia,
Building Stone
Felspar 5152 Dumka,Hazaribagh,Deoghar/
Crockery Wares,Glazed Tiles,Refractories
Fireclay 50462 Dhanbad,Hazaribagh,Palamu,Bokaro,Giridh,
Ramgarh/ Firebricks,Stoneware crockeries
Garnet 72 Hazaribagh/ Beads,as gemstone
Gold Ore 7.20 Ranchi,Singhbhum/ Gold
Granite('000cm.m) 19105 Dumka,Godda,Deoghar,Ranchi,
DAltonganj/ Granite Tiles
Graphite 389678 Palamu/ Graphite powder,pencils,crucibles
Iron Ore 308326 Singhbhum,Palamu/ Iron
Kyanite 90 Singhbhum/ High Alumina Refractories
Limestone 964917 Hazaribag,Santhal Pragana,Palamu,
Singhbhum,Ranchi/ Lime,Fertilizer,Cement
Manganese Ore 2363 Singhbhum/ Manganese
Mica 13554 Koderma,Giridh,Hazaribagh/ Insulation
Bricks,Mica Powder
Nickel Ore 9.00 Singhbhum/ Nickel
Quartz(silica sand) 136429 Singhbhum,Dumka,Hazaribag,Deogarh,
Palamu,Sahidganj/ Glass,Crokery Ware,
Glaze,Acid Resistant Bricks and Tiles
Quarzite 219842 Singhbhum/ Same and Gemstone
Talc/ Stealite/
289 Singhbhum,Giridh/ Talcom Powder,
Wall Tile,Electrical Insulators,Cookware
Vermiculate(t) 15024 Singhbhum/ Insulation Brick

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