• Introduction
  • Objective
  • Strategy
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial Area
  • Land
  • Road Network
  • Railways
  • Air Transport
  • Sea Access
  • Water
  • Tourism
  • Telecommunication
  • Information Technology
  • Power
  • Special Economic Zone
  • Human Resource Development
  • State Infrastructure Development
    & Management System
  • Export
  • Foreign Investment
  • Industrial Finance
  • Unit Undertaking Expansion/
    Diversification/ Modernisation
  • Industrial Sickness
  • Promotion of
    Rural Industrialisation
  • Employment Programmes
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Identification of Thrust Area
  • Commercial Tax Reforms
  • Fiscal Incentives
  • Environment Protection
    and Pollution Control Clearance
  • Simplification of Procedures
  • Marketing Assistance
    and Other Linkages
  • Consultancy Services
  • Research and Development
  • Miscellaneous
  • Monitoring and Review
  • Power of the State Government
  • Annexure - I
  • Annexure - II
  • Annexure - III




    The Industrial Policy aims at making Jharkhand one of the most preffered destination for investment, both from inside and outside the country and to ensure accelerated implementation of infrastructure related projects, increasing emploment opportunities, improving productivity, ensuring homogeneous and balanced development of all Geographical regions of the State with emphasis on development of small, tiny and cottage industries.


    The broad policy objectives are elaborated as below :

    Optimal utilisation of agro-climatic, mineral and human resources of the State.

    To promote economic activities to ensure maximum capital investment in the State with the objectives of increasing employment opportunities, improving standard of living of people at large, specially the deprived and the down trodden sections of the society and to ensure all round development of the State.


    Identification of thrust areas and thrust zones to prioritize the sectors and categorisation of backward regions with respect to industrialisation.


    To develop the state of art technology and infrastructure so as to ensure planned and accelerated industrial development.


    To ensure Balanced Regional Development so as to prevent socio-economic distortions due to backwardness of any region.


    To encourage and involve private sector participation in the process of planned and rapid industrialisation of the State.


    To promote export of such items, in which the State holds advantage vis-a-vis otherStates.


    Revival of viable sick units.


    Simplification of procedures and to ensure administrative and legal reforms so as to provide hassle free sensitive administration and time bound effective disposal of matters in a transparent manner.


    To take steps to protect and promote rural handicrafts so as to conserve and enrich cultural heritage, traditions and customs of the regions.


    To provide better development opportunities to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Handicapped, Weaker Sections and Women and to ensure their participatin in the development process.


    To promote research and development, technological upgradation and qualitative improvement and utilisation of state of art technology to improve product, production and productivity.









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