1. Introduction
  2. Objective
  3. Strategy
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Industrial Area
  6. Land
  7. Road Network
  8. Railways
  9. Air Transport
  10. Sea Access
  11. Water
  12. Tourism
  13. Telecommunication
  14. Information Technology
  15. Power
  16. Special Economic Zone
  17. Human Resource Development
  18. State Infrastructure Development
    & Management System
  19. Export
  20. Foreign Investment
  21. Industrial Finance
  22. Unit Undertaking Expansion/
    Diversification/ Modernisation
  23. Industrial Sickness
  24. Promotion of
    Rural Industrialisation
  25. Employment Programmes
  26. Entrepreneurship Development
  27. Identification of Thrust Area
  28. Commercial Tax Reforms
  29. Fiscal Incentives
  30. Environment Protection
    and Pollution Control Clearance
  31. Simplification of Procedures
  32. Marketing Assistance
    and Other Linkages
  33. Consultancy Services
  34. Research and Development
  35. Miscellaneous
  36. Monitoring and Review
  37. Power of the State Government
  38. Annexure - I
  39. Annexure - II
  40. Annexure - III



A High power Cabinet Committee headed by the Chief Minister with the Finance Minister and the Industry Minister as Vice Chairman and the Chief Secretary as the member convenor would be constituted to make suitable arrangements for the development/ revival of any industry of the State. This committee shall take up specific issues on case to case basis and offer al required help/ concessions concerning sales tax department or any other department, if it so requires.


All concerned departments and institutions shall issue follow-up notifiactions to give effect to the provisions of this policy within 30 days of declaration of this policy.


A Monitering Committee under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary/ Development Commissioner shall be set up, which shall have the Commissioner/ Secretaries of the concerned departments as its members. The Director of Industries shall be the member secretary of this Monitering Committee.


This Monitering Committee shall also look into the hurdles/ problems, if any, with respect to the implementation of this this policy and also with respect to providing relief/concessions to specific industries if such issue is brought before the Committee.


The State Government would carry out annual/ mid term review of this policy.











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