1. Introduction
  2. Objective
  3. Strategy
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Industrial Area
  6. Land
  7. Road Network
  8. Railways
  9. Air Transport
  10. Sea Access
  11. Water
  12. Tourism
  13. Telecommunication
  14. Information Technology
  15. Power
  16. Special Economic Zone
  17. Human Resource Development
  18. State Infrastructure Development
    & Management System
  19. Export
  20. Foreign Investment
  21. Industrial Finance
  22. Unit Undertaking Expansion/
    Diversification/ Modernisation
  23. Industrial Sickness
  24. Promotion of
    Rural Industrialisation
  25. Employment Programmes
  26. Entrepreneurship Development
  27. Identification of Thrust Area
  28. Commercial Tax Reforms
  29. Fiscal Incentives
  30. Environment Protection
    and Pollution Control Clearance
  31. Simplification of Procedures
  32. Marketing Assistance
    and Other Linkages
  33. Consultancy Services
  34. Research and Development
  35. Miscellaneous
  36. Monitoring and Review
  37. Power of the State Government
  38. Annexure - I
  39. Annexure - II
  40. Annexure - III





Marketing of products has been recognised as the weakest link for the Tiny/SSI sector particularly those in the rural areas.


The following measures would be undertaken to facilitate assistance:


The policy of the State Government is to ensure that State Government departments and various agencies under its control purchase their requirement of store items from industries located within the State.


In order to achieve this, the product of industries located within the State will be eligible for the facilities of preferential purchase by State Government departments and the agencies under its control. Various departments of the State Government and the various agencies under its control would ensure, without compromising the quality, that minimum 75% of the total order placed with respect to any such tendered item be supplied exclusively by the manufacturing industrial units located within the State.


It would also be ensured that 33% of the total annual purchase by any department/agency should be exclusively supplied by the manufacturing small scale industrial units located within the State.


In order to provide the price preference facilities, with respect to certain identified item(s) being manufactured by the Small Scale Industries located within the State, with the objective of providing competitiveness to such item(s), a High Level Committee would be constituted by the State Government, which shall duly assess the competitiveness of such items as referred and make recommendations. The State Govt. shall ensure appropriate action with respect to such recommendations to encourage such small scale industrial units. Price preference shall be admissible as per the provisions to the industrial products of the small scale industrial units.


The Central Government, its various agencies and private/joint sector industries located within the State will be persuaded to accord similar facilities to the products of local industries. New industrial units coming up in the State will be persuaded to patronise local industries/firms for construction/supply of materials.


Local Small Scale Industries units registered with DIC/IADA shall have to deposit only 50% of the earnest money while submitting tenders with the State Government departments and various agencies under its control.


The problem of delayed payment to SSI Units by the Govt. Departments/ Corporations/ Boards or large industrial undertakings creates severe financial constraints to SSI. To tackle this problem, the State Government would constitute an "Industrial Facilitation Council" at Ranchi as per the provisions of the "Interest on Delayed Payments to Small Scale and Ancillary Industrial Undertaking Act, 1993".


The State Government would additionally take the following initiatives :

  •     Develop a strong database to provide trade and export related information.
  •     Purcahse of ISO/ ISI certified products will be given preferrence.
  •     The Government will assist NGOs and other such agencies, which facilitate marketting of products in rural areas.
  •     Organising Buyer-Seller meet involving public sector/ private sector enterprises.
  •     Organising Trade fairs/ Handicrafts Melas for marketing assistance inside and outside the country.
  •     Encourageing E-Commerce.



The raw material generating units shall be persuaded to give purchase preference to the local industries for supply of such raw material, whose production is dependent upon the supply of such raw materials. Similarly, the PSU's/ Private Sector large industries, located within the State would be persuaded to give purchase preference to the products of the local industries while making purchases of raw materials and other items required by it. Preference would also be given to the local industries in supply of forest produce available in the State.

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