1. Introduction
  2. Objective
  3. Strategy
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Industrial Area
  6. Land
  7. Road Network
  8. Railways
  9. Air Transport
  10. Sea Access
  11. Water
  12. Tourism
  13. Telecommunication
  14. Information Technology
  15. Power
  16. Special Economic Zone
  17. Human Resource Development
  18. State Infrastructure Development
    & Management System
  19. Export
  20. Foreign Investment
  21. Industrial Finance
  22. Unit Undertaking Expansion/
    Diversification/ Modernisation
  23. Industrial Sickness
  24. Promotion of
    Rural Industrialisation
  25. Employment Programmes
  26. Entrepreneurship Development
  27. Identification of Thrust Area
  28. Commercial Tax Reforms
  29. Fiscal Incentives
  30. Environment Protection
    and Pollution Control Clearance
  31. Simplification of Procedures
  32. Marketing Assistance
    and Other Linkages
  33. Consultancy Services
  34. Research and Development
  35. Miscellaneous
  36. Monitoring and Review
  37. Power of the State Government
  38. Annexure - I
  39. Annexure - II
  40. Annexure - III



New Industrial Units as well as existing units which are not availing any facility of Tax-deferment or Tax free puchases or Tax free sales under any notification announced earlier, shall be allowed to opt for set off, of Jharkhand sales Tax paid on the purchases of raw materials within the State of Jharkhand only against Sales Tax payble either JST or CST on the sale, excluding stock tranfer or consignment sale out side the state, of finished products made out from such raw materials subject to a limitation of six months or the same financial year from the date of purchase of such raw materials.


Clause 13(i)(b) of the Adopted Bihar Finance Act, 1981 provides for two (2) rates of concessional sales tax on purchases of raw material and other inputs. These are 2% and 3% against Form IX. Both these rates will be reduced to 2% in view of the provision for set off as aforesaid.


The State Government would make efforts to charge Sales Tax as far as possible with respect to the thrust area items at par with the floor rates recommended by the Central Government.


To provide support to the local industries, purchase at concessional rate would be admissible to Govt. departments, Boards and Corporation from the industries located within the state.


Jharkhand Sales Tax Registration Certificate would be required to be renewed every five years.


Jharkhand sales tax will not be charged on purchase of raw material and sale of finished goods from 100% exporting units.


Application fields for Sales Tax registration shall be disposed off within a period of 15 days of filing such application.


The State Government shall ensure simplified and rationalised Sales Tax Acts and Rules.











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