·      Introduction

·      Objective

·      Strategy

·      Land

·      Mines

·      Water

·      Infrastructure

·      Human Resources Development

·      Skill Development

·      Entrepreneurship Development

·      Incubation Centre

·      Industrial Area Development Authority

·      Development of New Private Industrial Area

·      Industrial Corridor

·      Industrial Parks

·      Special Economic Zone

·      Cluster Development

·      Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

·      Value Addition

·      Promotion of Sericulture, Handloom & Handicraft

·      Textile and Apparel

·      Promotion of Agro Food Processing based Industries

·      Automobile and Auto Components

·      Energy

·      Promotion of FDI

·      Information Technology / Bio Technology

·      Tourism

·      Film Industry

·      Export Promotion

·      Industrial Sickness

·      Industrial Finance

·      Incentives & Concession

·      Expansion / Modernisation / Diversification

·      General Provisions

·      Date of Production

·      Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

·      Facilitation

·      Monitoring & Review

·      Power of the State Government

·      Annexure – I

·      Annexure – II

·      Abbreviation




18.1    MSMEs have contributed significantly in manufacturing and exports of the Country besides providing adequate job opportunities. It will be promoted with the following incentives.

            (i)  Price preference will be allowed for goods manufactured by Micro and Small Industries of Jharkhand in case of purchases by Govt. Departments and State owned PSUs including Boards, Corporations, Development Authorities, Improvement Trusts, Municipalities, Notified Area Committees, Cooperative bodies and institutions aided by State Govt. and Companies where Govt. share is 50% or more.

            (ii)  The State Government proposes to formulate a Marketing Policy for safeguarding the interest of local Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE). Provisions of the proposed policy include :

            (a) Tender forms for bidding will be made available free of cost.

            (b) Exemption from payment of Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) and Security Deposit (SD).

            (c) Bill discounting facility will be made available on Government Orders.

            (d) 10% price preference i.e. where the bid of Micro and Small Enterprises are within 10% of L1 (least priced bid), the local Micro and Small Enterprises may be given an offer of reasonable part (max. 20%) of the Order at L1 through a predetermined transparent process.

            (iii) Providing platforms for interaction between Enterprises of Jharkhand and potential domestic and global markets through Trade Fairs, Road shows.

            (iv) Encouraging the MSEs to participate in national and overseas business fairs and exhibitions, and international delegations.

            (v) Setting up a permanent exhibition-cum-convention centre for exclusive display of MSME products.

18.2 Creating Jharkhand Micro and Small Enterprises Facilitation Council – a quasi judicial body to redress the problems being faced by local MSEs in marketing their quality products.          

18.3.1 Efforts will be made to make full payment for the items bought from MSEs under 18.1 (ii) within 30 days of complete supply.

18.3.2 Industrial units of the State without price preference facilities will be allowed to supply their products to Government Departments and other organizations (as mentioned in 18.1) at the lowest rate (L1), depending on their capacity, at maximum of 50% of the work order, if they qualify otherwise.

18.3.3 The raw material generating units shall be persuaded to give purchase preference to the local industries, whose production is dependent upon the supply of such raw material. Similarly, the PSU’s / Private Sector large industries, located within the State would be persuaded to give purchase preference to the local industries while making purchases of raw materials and other items required by it. Preference would also be given to the local industries in supply of forest produce available in the State.

18.4    A symbiotic relationship between the MSME and the Technical Institutions will be developed by linking each cluster with a technical institution to solve the technical and design related problem of the MSMEs.

18.5    Efforts will be made to provide linkages for MSMEs with micro-finance institutions, raw materials, focused market access etc.

18.6    Special emphasis will be given on providing Common Facility Centres (CFC) mainly through Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) initiatives to MSME projects of a cluster.

18.7    Schemes like ASIDE, Credit Guarantee Fund Trust Scheme, Cluster Development Programme for MSMEs, Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme, Technology Upgradation Scheme being operated by Govt. of India and various other Promotional Schemes of different Ministries of Govt. of India are proposed to be suitably dovetailed for the benefit of MSM Enterprises of the State. Efforts will also be made to suitably complement these schemes enabling the entrepreneurs to avail maximum advantage of these schemes.






















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