·      Introduction

·      Objective

·      Strategy

·      Land

·      Mines

·      Water

·      Infrastructure

·      Human Resources Development

·      Skill Development

·      Entrepreneurship Development

·      Incubation Centre

·      Industrial Area Development Authority

·      Development of New Private Industrial Area

·      Industrial Corridor

·      Industrial Parks

·      Special Economic Zone

·      Cluster Development

·      Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

·      Value Addition

·      Promotion of Sericulture, Handloom & Handicraft

·      Textile and Apparel

·      Promotion of Agro Food Processing based Industries

·      Automobile and Auto Components

·      Energy

·      Promotion of FDI

·      Information Technology / Bio Technology

·      Tourism

·      Film Industry

·      Export Promotion

·      Industrial Sickness

·      Industrial Finance

·      Incentives & Concession

·      Expansion / Modernisation / Diversification

·      General Provisions

·      Date of Production

·      Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

·      Facilitation

·      Monitoring & Review

·      Power of the State Government

·      Annexure – I

·      Annexure – II

·      Abbreviation




37.1    Facilitation by DIC / IADAs for awareness creation and grievance redressal.

            (a) DIC and Industrial Area Development Authority will be organizing interaction meeting between officials of Industry Department and investors / industries bodies / industries association for facilitating the filing of various types of forms claiming incentives / benefits under the policy.

            (b) Electronic communication with industrial units including Micro and small units through e-mail will be promoted.

            (c) Information kiosks will be set up in major district centres for easy access of information for entrepreneurs and investors.

            (d) Investors guide / information booklets will be made available for information of investors. All relevant information will also be made available to the investors in website / on-line. Director of Industries will ensure compliance.

            (e) Investor’s meets and road shows will be organized at State / National / International level by the State Government in collaboration with Industrial Houses / Industries Associations etc.

            (f) Clearances with other Departments will also be facilitated by DIC / IADAs.

37.2    Policy Period

            The State Government may at any time amend any provision of this policy. Normally the policy will remain operational for 5 years (01.04.2011 to 31.03.2016)

37.3    Doubts Resolution

            (a) Doubts relating to interpretation of any term and / or dispute relating to the operation of any provision under this industrial policy shall have to be referred to the Industries Department, Government of Jharkhand for clarification / resolution and the decision of Government in this regard shall be final and binding on all concerned.

            (b) In case of any doubt the "English Version" of the policy will be considered an authentic version.

37.4    Procedure for operationalisation of the provision of the policy.

            Implementation of various provisions covering the incentives, concessions etc will be subject to the issue of detailed guidelines / statutory notifications, wherever necessary in respect of each item by the concerned Administrative Department.

37.5    Role of JIIDCO

            Jharkhand Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (JIIDCO) will be the Nodal agency for all infrastructural construction work of Industries Department including Industrial Area Development Authorities (AIADA, BIADA, RIADA, SPIADA), public sector undertakings like Jharcraft and other institutions like Government Mini Tool and Training Centre at Ranchi and Dumka. Besides, JIIDCO will also provide technical input, as and when required by Industries Department including vetting of the project proposal, preparation of DPR, issues pertaining to Single Window Operationalisation etc.

37.6    Role of JINFRA

            Jharkhand Infrastructure Development Corporation (JINFRA) will be nodal agency for all projects of Jharkhand to be pursued under PPP.

37.7    Promotion of Clean and Green Technologies

            Enterprises will be encouraged to adopt cleaner production techniques and go for green technologies and processes to protect the environment and ecology.

37.8    State Award to Enterprises

Performance of industries are evaluated every year and on the basis of objective evaluation criteria, suitable awards are given by the State Government for outstanding achievement in environment management, labour welfare, R&D, Safety Profit maximization, innovative production, turn around of sick industries, corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship and quality. Sixty two awards, during last 6 years have been awarded. Scheme of enterprises adopting such best practices will continue to be recognized with State awards every year.

37.9    (a) Single Window Clearance Mechanism will be enacted for according required clearances / approvals of projects submitted by entrepreneurs within specified period. Composite Application Forms (CAF) along with statutory fees for all clearances connected with the investor’s proposals will be received by the Single Window Clearance cell which will facilitate required clearances from the concerned departments or the authorities of the State Government and other agencies.

            (b)  Till the time Single Window Clearance Mechanism is enacted, existing Single Window Cell in Industries Department will be strengthened with dedicated team of personnel / departmental officers & experts to provide better single point contact services for investors. The cell will also come out with newsletters, departmental publicity materials and other relevant documents for entrepreneurs.

37.9    A web-based application portal with monitoring and feedback capability will be created to operationalise the framework – administrative guidelines to assist entrepreneurs and facilitate speedy and time bound processing of their applications.

37.10  On line monitoring system is proposed to be introduced for developing better interface between the investor, the Industries Deptt. and other related Departments of GoJ.


37.11  Environmental Clearance

            (a) To ensure smooth environmental clearance the State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA), and State Level Expert Appraisal Committee (SEAC) as provided in the gazette notification dated 14.09.2006 part II, Sect. 3 (ii) of Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India, New Delhi have been empowered.

            (b) The consent to operate under the Water and Air Act given by Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board to industries of the State will remain valid for a maximum period of five years.

(c) State Govt. would extend necessary support to Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board (JSPCB) for expediting the disposal of applications of investors / entrepreneurs for environmental clearance. The following measures are envisaged to be undertaken for the purpose.

            Industrial Zoning : Zoning on the basis of environmental aspects, land availability etc will be carried out to enable the entrepreneurs to select appropriate site for their project so that NOC is issued faster.

            Third Party Audit : Necessary support will be extended to JSPCB for organizing third party audit for better compliance of environmental laws.

            Skill Upgradation : Skill upgradation programme of technical personnel of JSPCB and related organizations is envisaged to be organized in Environmental Engineering / Management.

37.12  Concept of Niveshak Samadhan Adalat

            (a)  With a view to providing a timely and effective dispute / grievance resolution mechanism for units / enterprises, the State Government shall constitute a NIVESHAK SAMADHAN ADALAT which shall meet every month atleast once (more frequently depending on the business in hand) and hear the grievances / complaints of investors and make its recommendation to the appropriate authority / authorities for consideration and redressal of the grievances.

            (b) The NIVESHAK SAMADHAN ADALAT will be chaired by Member Board of Revenue. Two other members of ADALAT will be eminent experts of Finance, Management and Industry and law.

            (c)  Secretarial assistance will be provided by Single Window Cell.

            (d)  This forum will act as revisional authority against the order of Secretary, Department of Industry related to implementation of provisions of this policy.

            (e)  A separate notification in detail will be issued to this effect.

37.13 Efforts will be made to bring all regulatory Departments on the same platform by constituting a committee under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary. The committee consisting of representatives from all related Departments will work out the detailed modality of joint inspection, frequency of inspection etc so that clearances / approvals are given to the entrepreneurs within specified time.




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