·      Introduction

·      Objective

·      Strategy

·      Land

·      Mines

·      Water

·      Infrastructure

·      Human Resources Development

·      Skill Development

·      Entrepreneurship Development

·      Incubation Centre

·      Industrial Area Development Authority

·      Development of New Private Industrial Area

·      Industrial Corridor

·      Industrial Parks

·      Special Economic Zone

·      Cluster Development

·      Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

·      Value Addition

·      Promotion of Sericulture, Handloom & Handicraft

·      Textile and Apparel

·      Promotion of Agro Food Processing based Industries

·      Automobile and Auto Components

·      Energy

·      Promotion of FDI

·      Information Technology / Bio Technology

·      Tourism

·      Film Industry

·      Export Promotion

·      Industrial Sickness

·      Industrial Finance

·      Incentives & Concession

·      Expansion / Modernisation / Diversification

·      General Provisions

·      Date of Production

·      Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

·      Facilitation

·      Monitoring & Review

·      Power of the State Government

·      Annexure – I

·      Annexure – II

·      Abbreviation




13.1 (a)   The State Govt. will encourage establishment / development of Private Industrial Estate of minimum 75 acres with financial support. Land for such private industrial estate has to be acquired by the developers. The government in turn will support infrastructural facilities for the estate. Such infrastructure will mainly include road network, drainage, drinking water, power supply etc.

(b)   A minimum of 40% area of such private industrial estate will be earmarked for the setting up of MSMEs by investors other than the developer of the private industrial area.

(c)    Ownership, maintenance etc of such private industrial estate will rest with the developer.

(d)  IADA will exercise supervision and control over private industrial estates under their respective command area. 

(e)    Private industrial estates outside the command area of IADA will be supervised and controlled by respective DICs.

13.2    Efforts will also be made to explore the possibility of development of such industrial estates under joint venture with IADA.

13.3    Project proposals of establishment of industrial estate by private developers will be evaluated and its approval, sanction of grants / benefits will be decided by the committee under the Chairmanship of Development Commissioner with Principal Secretary / Secretary, Road Construction, Finance, Water Resources, Energy, Planning, Industries as its member and Director, Industries as member secretary.


















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