·      Introduction

·      Objective

·      Strategy

·      Land

·      Mines

·      Water

·      Infrastructure

·      Human Resources Development

·      Skill Development

·      Entrepreneurship Development

·      Incubation Centre

·      Industrial Area Development Authority

·      Development of New Private Industrial Area

·      Industrial Corridor

·      Industrial Parks

·      Special Economic Zone

·      Cluster Development

·      Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

·      Value Addition

·      Promotion of Sericulture, Handloom & Handicraft

·      Textile and Apparel

·      Promotion of Agro Food Processing based Industries

·      Automobile and Auto Components

·      Energy

·      Promotion of FDI

·      Information Technology / Bio Technology

·      Tourism

·      Film Industry

·      Export Promotion

·      Industrial Sickness

·      Industrial Finance

·      Incentives & Concession

·      Expansion / Modernisation / Diversification

·      General Provisions

·      Date of Production

·      Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

·      Facilitation

·      Monitoring & Review

·      Power of the State Government

·      Annexure – I

·      Annexure – II

·      Abbreviation



23.       Automobile and Auto Components

23.1    (a) India’s leading automobile industry began manufacturing commercial vehicle in early 1950s at Jamshedpur. The industry today is among the leaders in producing commercial vehicles and is among the top three companies in production of passenger vehicles in the country.

            (b)  More than 600 auto ancillary industries including auto components units have been set up subsequently at Jamshedpur and Adityapur to cater to the needs of automobiles companies. It has generated more than 20-25 thousand direct employment and several times of it as indirect employment

23.2    (a) All types of auto grade steels are being produced at Jamshedpur since 1980s.

            (b) Demand for automobiles ( two, three & four wheelers) Light Motor Commercial Vehicle / Heavy Commercial Vehicle has increased several fold. Accordingly the demand of auto component has also gone up.

            (c) All necessary infrastructure exists near Jamshedpur - Adityapur for auto ancillaries.

            (d) Auto-Cluster is being made operational at Jamshedpur to extend common facilities such as testing centre, design lab, effluent treatment plant etc. to auto component makers.

23.4    The leading automobile industry at Jamshedpur has expanded its capacity in different types of vehicles besides putting a new assembly line for the production of World Truck – a heavy duty goods vehicle which has resulted in the growth of ancillary units and additional employment.

23.5    Automobile Vendor Park will be established under PPP or Private Mode by Mega Automobile Manufacturing Units. This park will be entitled to get same benefits as envisaged for other parks in sl. 15. 

23.6    (a)  Mega automobile manufacturing units will set up a skill development centre for the skill upgradation and training in activities like driving, vehicle maintenance etc. pertaining to automobile sector. The capacity of the centre will not be less than 1000 trainees per annum.

            (b)  State Government will bear 50% cost of training subject to a maximum of Rs 5000 per trainee for each successful completion of training as mentioned in sl. 20.5.

            (c) Trainees against whom reimbursement of the training cost will be claimed by the skill development centre shall be residents of the State as per norms stipulated by Personnel Department of Government of Jharkhand for educational institutes.

            (d)  50% of the total number of successful trainees annually must fall in the category as mentioned in sl. 23.6 (c).

23.7    Mega Automobile Manufacturing Units will set up new ITI with annual capacity of 300 trainees or adopt and upgrade existing ITIs for the training of fitter and some other relevant trades of Automobile sector keeping in view the employability of the successful trainee.

23.8    Mega Automobile Manufacturing Units fulfilling conditions mentioned in sl. 23.6 and sl. 23.7 will be eligible to get VAT concessions for one year extra for the activity mentioned in sl. 23.6 (a)  & 23.7.





















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