·      Introduction

·      Objective

·      Strategy

·      Land

·      Mines

·      Water

·      Infrastructure

·      Human Resources Development

·      Skill Development

·      Entrepreneurship Development

·      Incubation Centre

·      Industrial Area Development Authority

·      Development of New Private Industrial Area

·      Industrial Corridor

·      Industrial Parks

·      Special Economic Zone

·      Cluster Development

·      Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

·      Value Addition

·      Promotion of Sericulture, Handloom & Handicraft

·      Textile and Apparel

·      Promotion of Agro Food Processing based Industries

·      Automobile and Auto Components

·      Energy

·      Promotion of FDI

·      Information Technology / Bio Technology

·      Tourism

·      Film Industry

·      Export Promotion

·      Industrial Sickness

·      Industrial Finance

·      Incentives & Concession

·      Expansion / Modernisation / Diversification

·      General Provisions

·      Date of Production

·      Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

·      Facilitation

·      Monitoring & Review

·      Power of the State Government

·      Annexure – I

·      Annexure – II

·      Abbreviation




List of Industries Not Eligible For Incentives


1.      Saw Mills, Wood Sawing and Furniture.

2.      Drilling Rigs, Bore Well, Tube Well Establishing Units, Concrete Mixing Plants, Road Metal Mixer, Readymade Concrete Mixture and similar facilities mobile in nature.

3.      Tea Blending/Mixing Units.

4.      Units Connected with Cutting of Raw Tobacco and Gul Related Products and Guraku

5.      Bottling and Repackaging of Drugs/Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals without Processing and value addition (Excluding formulation and manufacturing units).

6.      Iron Scrap "Iron and Steel Processors" including cutting of sheets, bars, angles, coils, M.S.Sheets, recoiling, straightening, corrugating, drop hammer units etc.

7.      Book Binding / Note Book / Exercise Note Books / Registers / Ledgers / File Pads / Office files etc.

8.      Rubber Stamp Making

9.      Photo Copying and xerox machines

10. Stenciling Units / Processing of Stencil Papers.

11. Tailoring (Except Readymade Garment Manufacturing Units)

12. Laundry/Dry Cleaning.

13. Photography, Studio Labs, Video Parlours, Videography, Cinematography, Theatres, Photo studios, colour film laboratories, Video, Audio Cassette Recording and Watch Repairing.

14. Clinical/Pathological Laboratories/Nursing Homes/Clinics including Indian system of medicines except Super speciality Hospitals with investment more than Rs 50 Crore.

15. Beauty Parlours.

16. Goods and passenger carriers.

17. Guest Houses / Restaurants.

18. Petrol Pumps.

19. Narcotic Drugs, Tobacco barons / tobacco re-drying / processing, Beedi / Cigarette Manufacturing and other tobacco based products.

20. Sponge Iron Plant with or without CPP.

21. All process of Edible Oil Seeds / Cakes viz. 1. Groundnut 2. Sesam 3. Safflower 4. Rape seed / Musturd 5. Coconut (both tender & dry) 6. Sunflower, Niger Cotton Seed. (All processes include Decorticating, Expelling, Crushing, Roasting, Parching, Frying).

22. Rice hullers & Rice mills except Rice Mills with capacity of atleast 50 Metric Tonne per day and annual output of minimum 5000 Metric Tonne.

23. Ice Cream, Ice Candy, Kulfy, Ice Fruit, Pepsy, Tuty Fruity etc. except those having ISI, AG Mark or FPO Mark.

24. Powder of Chilly, turmeric, masala, spices, curry, sambar etc. except those having ISI, AG Mark or FPO Mark.

25. Distilleries, Breweries, Beer and other Alcoholic Drinks.

26. All table meat, animal rearing / farming like poultry, piggery etc.

27. Varnishes and Thinners.

28. Crushing / washing of Iron ore, Coal, Stone etc including segregation / blending except coal washries.

29. Tyre retreading.

30. Mines & Mining Activity including development of Mines etc.

31. Hard Coke / Smokeless fuel plant and any unit using coal as raw material which constitute more than 50% of cost or volume of total raw material.

32. Explosive manufacturing units including SMS bulk explosives.

33. Vehicle or any consumer product show rooms, service / repairing centre or sales centre.

34. Brick making units except refractory bricks making, bricks making with use of fly ash / red mud or similar other industrial waste.

35. Any petroleum product storages.

36. Fruit Juice Base, Packaged drinking water / mineral / aqua, aerated and soft drink units (excepting the units manufacturing fruit pulp or fruit pulp and juice out of it).

37. Sweets / namkeen etc.

38. Soap making units not operated by power driven machinery.

39. Shampoos and other cosmetic items except those having ISI mark.

40. Manure mixing industry.

41. Service Sector (not specifically allowed in the policy).

42. Banned items by State Government or Government of India from time to time will also come under this list.




1.      Government reserves the right to make any changes in the above negative list.

2.      The decision of Government whether a unit falls in the Negative list or not, shall be final and binding.



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